2021 Version

Optician Practice Test

Take this free practice test to see how prepared you are for an optician certification exam.

1. To what does a ptosis crutch give support?
2. A lens' focal length can be altered by:
3. Which instrument measures vertex distance?
4. What controls the amount of light that enters the eye?
5. Which word is used to describe light's changing direction as it passes from one medium to another?
6. Frame materials are available in which two forms?
7. Meniscus, equiconcave and flat concave are types of:
8. What is the term used to describe the eye's tendency to turn from its normal position?
9. What is the refractive condition in which light focuses directly on the retina?
10. What kind of lens has one convex and one concave surface?
11. What material has the most favorable optical properties?
12. What is the best lens treatment to reduce water and road surface glare?
13. Which private agency is responsible for establishing commercial and industry standards?
14. Which frame adjustment lowers the front of the frame?
15. The hard resin material used in plastic lenses is known as:
16. How is multifocal height usually measured?
17. Aphakia is:
18. Which of the following is an advantage to a titanium frame?
19. The cornea's index of refraction is:
20. Which term is used to describe the outward inclination of the bottom of a framed lens?
21. Which lens characteristic corrects astigmatism?
22. A patient with astigmatism has a ________ cornea.
23. A polariscope is used to detect internal lens stress.
24. A monocular PD is given as one number.
25. Axis is the notation of power on a lens.