2023 Edition

Pharmacy Tech Practice Test

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Pharmacy Law and Regulation

1. Pharmacy technicians should be familiar with pharmacy law at both the federal and state level because a state law can be more ________ than a federal law, and therefore, supersedes the federal law.
2. The Controlled Substance Act categorizes substances into _______ groups based on varying qualifications such as currently accepted medical use and potential for abuse.

Medication Order Entry, Interpretation and the Fill Process

3. When two different physician orders come across the fax machine for two different patients, one for Nitroglycerin drip and one for Keflex capsules, the order for ____________ should be given priority and should be filled and delivered first.
4. A physician order that reads, "i tab po qhs," is interpreted as _______________.

Pharmacology for Technicians

5. A patient presents to the counter with a prescription for INH and B6. To fill the prescription correctly, the pharmacy technician should pull which of the following off of the shelf?
6. A customer presents a prescription for Oxycodone that is written for a six month supply. Which of the following actions should a pharmacy technician take?

Compounding Procedures and Safety

7. A pharmacy technician arrives to work. The first thing she did when she arrived was donned a bouffant, mask, lab coat and shoe covers. Then she entered the I.V. Room and turned on the laminar flow hood. After pulling all of the medications from the shelves that she needed to fill existing medication orders, she put on gloves. A pharmacist noticed her actions and immediately reprimanded her. What for?
8. When preparing chemotherapy drugs, which of the following is TRUE?


9. When a medication needs to be stored at room temperature, which is about 73 degrees Fahrenheit, what degree Celsius would be an appropriate temperature?
10. The normal body temperature for a human is 98.6 degrees F. It is equal to _________ degrees Celsius.

Anatomy and Physiology

11. The Sinoatrial Node (SA) is located within which of the following heart structures:
12. Which of the following puts the layers of skin in correct order from right to left?

Inventory Management and Quality Assurance

13. Potassium Chloride 20 _______/10 mL is commonly dispensed from _______ pharmacies.
14. Among the packaging requirements for radiopharmaceuticals, the use of ___________ are included.

Medication Administration

15. The route of administration that allows medication the quickest onset of action is ____________.
16. Which of the following ways are Nitrostat tablets taken?


17. A patient presents to the window with a prescription for Triamcinolone cream and begins to explain the circumstances surrounding the rash on his arm. Then he asks the pharmacy technician if the Triamcinolone cream will make the rash go away, and also asks about the side effects of the medication. The pharmacy technician should _______.
18. A patient presents with a prescription for Amoxicillin capsules, but requests that it be filled with Amoxicillin suspension instead. What should the pharmacy technician do?


19. Which of the following is a type of automated medication dispensing system kept on nursing units that gives nurses and physicians quick access to medications?
20. Laminar flow hoods require ________ filters for use.

Billing and Reimbursement

21. A customer presents to the counter of an outpatient pharmacy with an untampered pharmacy product and seeks a refund. Under which of the following circumstances will the refund request be denied?
22. A customer who claims to be a Medicaid recipient presents a handwritten prescription to be filled. Which of the following steps should be taken first by a pharmacy technician?