Raven's Progressive Matrices®

Find resources to learn about Raven's Matrices, with prep materials, practice tests, informational guide and more. Raven's Matrices is an intelligence test where the test-taker is asked to complete a pattern where a piece is missing. For more information about the test, see Tests.com's Raven's Matrices Guide.
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Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)
Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)
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Organization: Pearson Assessments
Address: USA
Phone: 800-234-5832
Pearson Assessments
A measurement of intellect designed to differentiate between people at the high end of intellectual ability.
Study Aides for Ravens Matrices
Study Aides for Ravens Matrices
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Organization: The Critical Thinking Co.™
Phone: 800-458-4849
The Critical Thinking Co.™
800 458-4849
Various study aides for Ravens Matrices