Certified Testing Administrator (CTA)™

Spanish Fluency Certification

Earn your Certified Testing Administrator (CTA) online.  

The CTA certification is ideal for schools, colleges, businesses and other organizations for use in training, education and assessment.  It can also give a significant edge to individuals looking to advance their careers.

CTA Exam Outline:

Test Scoring & Reporting
Test Development
Test Administration and Security
Types of Tests and Purpose
Reliability and Validity
Basic Principles of Test Theory
Fairness - Bias, Accommodations, Legal
Disciplines & Test Use
Appropriate Test Prep Practices
Legal protection of Test Content

For more information on application requirements and testing procedures and policies, see the CTA Candidate Handbook.

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The National Licensing and Certification Organization (NLCO) developed and administers the CTA. 


The CTA is a criterion-referenced certification test with multiple-choice and short answer items.  There is 90 minute time limit.