2023 Edition

Radiography Test Guide

The RadiographyTest Summary
What: This exam grants certification for radiographic technologists.
Who: Candidates must have completed an accredited radiography program and have procedural experience.
Where: The test is offered at PearsonVUE Testing Centers throughout the US and at select international locations.
When: The exam is offered year round.
How: The exam is multiple-choice.
Type: The exam is computer-based.
Why: The exam is required for professional radiographers to become certified.
Time: Exam sessions last three and a half hours.
Language: English
Preparation: Many test guides and preparation materials are available for purchase.
Cost: The exam carries a $200 registration fee.

By Erin Hasinger, Tests.com

Radiologic technologists are responsible for working with patients in medical imaging, interventional procedures and radiation therapy. Technologists may wish to pursue professional certification and registration to demonstrate to employers and patients their education, experience and competence in radiography. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) offers a program through which radiologic technicians can become certified with an exam and then maintain annual registration.

Candidates are eligible for the exam following successful completion of an accredited radiology program. Programs may offer a certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology, but they must be accredited.

Additionally, a candidate must also be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • Six general patient care activities
  • 36 specific radiologic procedures
  • 15 radiologic procedures to be chosen from a list of 30

A program representative will be required to review the procedure list and verify that the exam candidate meets the criteria.

The exam is comprised of 220 questions, including 20 “test” questions that do not count toward the final score. Questions cover the following content areas:

  • Patient Care
    • Patient Interactions and Management
  • Safety
    • Radiation Physics and Radiobiology
    • Radiation Protection
  • Image Production
    • Image Acquisition and Technical Evaluation
    • Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance
  • Procedures
    • Head, Spine and Pelvis Procedures
    • Thorax and Abdomen Procedures
    • Extremity Procedures

Three and a half hours is given to complete the exam. The exam is computer-based and all questions are multiple choice. All tests are administered at PearsonVUE testing centers, more than 200 of which are located throughout the US. For international applicants, test centers may be found in Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul and Tokyo.

At the test center, candidates are required to show two forms of identification, including one photo ID.

Exam scores are scaled and range from 1 to 99. A minimum score of 75 is required to pass, which is roughly the equivalent of a 70 percent score.

To register for the certification exam, candidates must contact their radiography program director, who will provide them with a copy of the certification handbook. The handbook includes a registration form for the exam, which can be completed and returned to ARRT. Registration includes a fee of $200.

Following successful certification, candidates are then registered with ARRT, which is valid until one month following their birth month. ARRT will mail appropriate re-registration materials so that candidates may continue to maintain continuous registration.

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