Delaware Electrician Exam

Electrician Practice To get licensed in Delaware, electricians are required to take an exam that covers such subjects as circuits, conductors, grounding, lighting and safety.  Whether you live in Dover or Wilmington or another city or county, the resources below will help you get started on the path to receive your electrician's license.
Need of a License: All contractors and electricians must be licensed by the state Board. Local jurisdictions may require additional licensing. Types of state licenses and qualifications for each are as follows:
Master Electrician General
Applicants must present evidence of six (6) years practical experience, or four (4) years of schooling and two (2) years of practical experience, and must pass a written examination.
Master Electrician Limited
Applicants must present evidence of three (3) years practical experience, or two (2) years of schooling and one (1) year of practical experience, and must pass a written examination.
Limited Electrician
Limited to air conditioning, oil burners, signs, elevator and overhead and underground primary distribution systems, etc.
Limited Special Electrician
Residential wiring up to and including four-family dwellings.
Journeyperson Electrician
Allows you to perform electrical services under supervision.
Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Delaware Department of State, Division of Professional Regulation.
 Master Electrician
  • Verification of Employment form showing six years full-time experience under the supervision of a licensed master electrician or
  • Approved training verified by a certificate of completion of apprenticeship from any bona fide, registered apprentices program of another state or
  • Verification of Employment form showing four years full-time experience under the supervision of a licensed master electrician plus proof of two years of technical training.
Journeyperson Electrician           
  • At least 8,000 hours of full-time experience performing electrical work under the supervision of a licensed Master Electrician, Master Electrician Special, Limited Electrician, or Limited Electrician Special.
  • Certificate of completion of apprenticeship from a state-approved, bona fide, registered apprenticeship program such as a program approved by the Department of Labor
  • To be licensed as a Journeyperson Electrician by reciprocity, you must hold a current license to perform electrical work in a jurisdiction (state, U.S. territory or District of Columbia) where the requirements for licensure are substantially similar to those of Delaware. To make a decision whether the requirements are substantially similar, the Board must review and compare the law and regulations of the other jurisdiction(s) to Delaware's law and regulations.
How to Apply for the License:
An application must be filed to obtain a license to work as a Master Electrician.
An application must be filed to work as a Journeyperson Electrician.
Test Content:
The exams have the following content:

Master Electrician
  • General knowledge and calculations    
  • Raceways and enclosures           
  • Services, feeders and branch circuits    
  • Overcurrent protection               
  • Conductors and cables 
  • Grounding and bonding              
  • Utilization and general use equipment
  • Special occupancies      
  • Motors and controls      
  • Low voltage and communication circuits             
  • Safety  
Passing Grade: 75%
Exam Details: 4 hours; 100 questions
Journeyman Electrician
  • General Electrical Knowledge
  • Wiring and Protection
  • Wiring Methods and Materials
  • Equipment for General Use
  • Special Occupancies
  • Special Equipment
  • Special Conditions
  • Communication Systems
Passing Grade: 75%
Exam Details: 3 hours; 80 questions
Who administers the test:  The Board of Electrical Examiners must approve you to sit for the examination. New License instructions.   When the Board has approved your application, the Board office will send you the examination registration form so that you can test with Prometric 1 (800) 280-3926.  The exams are given in February, May, August and October
License Renewal Requirements:
Master Electrician: Biennial, expiring on June 30 of even years
Journeyman Electrician: Biennial, expiring on June 30 of even years
Fees: There are fees to take the exam and get licensed.

Applicable Code: NEC 2011

State of Delaware
Division of Professional Regulation
Cannon Building
861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Suite 203
Dover, DE 19904-2467
(302) 739-4522
(302) 739-2711 fax
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