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National Counselor Exam (NCE) Certification Test

Take this free NCE certification practice exam to see what types of questions appear on the NCE certification exam.  Certification typically leads to professional growth and increased wages.  If you need to prepare for the NCE, try our 300 question Practice Exam Kit for the National Counselor Exam.


Human Growth and Development

1. Which of the following is not a factor in the sleep patterns of adolescents?
2. Which of the following is a stage of Erikson's psychosocial development?
3. The time that premature babies spend in the neonatal intensive care units can have the most impact on their sense of:

Social and Cultural Foundations

4. In terms of cultural bias in American psychology:
5. Approximately ___________ of people worldwide use some form of alternative therapy, while _______________ of Americans do.
6. Which of the following are the proper steps for developing cultural competency?

Fundamentals of Counseling / Helping Relationships / Clinical & Programmatic Interventions

7. Ego defense mechanisms in and of themselves are:
8. David is obsessed with doing all he can to interrupt the gay rights movement. Unconsciously, however, David has sexual attractions to his best friend and roommate. This is:
9. Which of the following is not a technique associated with Freud and psychodynamic therapy?

Group Work / Group Counseling / Clinical and Programmatic Interventions

10. Of the following, which is NOT a curative factor of group, as outlined by Yalom?

Mike, a group member in his 20s, tells a group member about a support group and a coping strategy he finds beneficial. 

11. This is an example of which curative factor?
12. A group member or leader terminating attendance at a group is a one-time event on their last day of attendance.

Career and Lifestyle Development / Assessment and Career Counseling

13. Jerod is a successful lawyer who often is in the courtroom. Of the following, which set of letters would most likely correspond to his profession, using Holland's criteria?
14. Which of the following are developmental career theorists?
15. Which of the following conclusions is supported by research?

Professional Orientation & Ethics & Professional

16. Your client self-pays and has forgotten his payment for the last three sessions, despite reminding and request. He has always paid and he has denied change in financial circumstances when you have asked him about it. In terms of ethics, you:
17. When considering whether or not to accept a gift from a client, which of the following is not a consideration?
18. You had a session today, and you just can't stop thinking about it. You realize there is an ethical question. Your best action is:


19. A newly-developed intelligence test is said to have a high correlation with the WAIS-III. What does this mean?
20. The reliability co-efficient of 0.60 means:
21. What was Binet attempting to do when he founded the first intelligence test in 1907?

Research and Program Evaluation

22. Studying behavior under controlled conditions to test a hypothesis, looking at cause and effect and making predictions is called:
23. Setting the acceptable level of error too high can result in:
24. Your client tells you he has a PhD in pharmacy. You know that people with higher education levels tend to end up in jail less than those with lower educational levels. This is an example of a:

NCE - LPC Practice Test

Quality starts with who wrote the material.
Our practice exam writer
Diane Dean, LPC, RN-BC, MA,
is a licensed professional counselor and educator with over 20 years experience in healthcare. She has taught at many colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh.

Stacy Fruhling, LCPC, LCADC, NCC, MAC,
is an adjunct professor in psychology and counseling at the Ann Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore.

Lisa Slade, MS, LPC, NCC,
is an adjunct professor in psychology, counseling, sociology and human services at Caldwell University in the Graduate School of Psychology, at the University of Bridgeport and at the Housatonic Community College.


The NCE contains 200 multiple-choice, non-sectioned questions. There are different versions of the test. Test questions come from a pool of questions that have been extensively reviewed and researched for content accuracy and clarity.

Below are the eight domains tested by the NBCC on the NCE:
• Human Growth and Development
• Social and Cultural Diversity
• Helping Relationships
• Group Counseling
• Career Counseling
• Assessment and Testing
• Research and Program Evaluation
• Professional Orientation and Ethics

Five work behaviors are also tested:
• Fundamentals of Counseling
• Counseling Process
• Diagnostic and Assessment Services
• Professional Practice
• Professional Development, Supervision and Consultation