David Scott, Radon Test Expert

david scott, radon testerDavid Scott has been president and owner of Peak Environment, a successful radon abatement and mitigation firm, for 10 years. David is certified by the National Environmental Health Association for Radon Mitigation and was gracious enough to answer questions about radon testing for Tests.com.

How did you initially get into radon testing?
After working for many years at General Motors I needed to try a different way to make a living. I started researching different opportunities and radon seemed to be a good start in doing something where I could make money and also help protect peoples’ health.

Why is it important to get radon testing?
I believe most people are trying to improve their lifestyles and taking preventative measures can help ensure a healthier life.

Where is radon generally found?
Radon is found everywhere but at different levels.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to professional radon testing versus homeowners using their own test kits?
Testing for one’s self is obviously cheaper but self testing can give incomplete data.

What measures should a homeowner take in order to rid their home of radon if a significant amount is detected in a home?
Verify, then start interviewing mitigation professionals.

What are the most important pieces of equipment and supplies that radon testing companies must have?
I think it is important for companies to display caution signs while testing is in progress.

What education and training is necessary to do radon testing and who provides it?
I have found that testing in a classroom setting with professionals who can proctor the National Environmental Health Association exam is important.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for people who want to get radon testing?
Make sure you’re doing this work for more than just the money.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for people who want to start a radon testing company or get a job in the field?
One piece of advice I can give to folks who just start out testing for radon then decide to start mitigating is they may want to take both courses at the same time, since the mitigators’ exam relates to testing as well, and unless this stuff is fresh in your mind, it is very difficult to pass.

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