Greg Johnson, Drug Test Expert

Drug Test ExpertJ. Greg Johnson has a BS from Texas Tech University with a focus in marketing, biology and chemistry. He is certified in DOT collections and helped in founding TruWell Health and Wellness Products in 2000. Mr. Johnson is currently the owner of Any Lab Test Now® (North Dallas locations), where he is responsible for marketing and advertising, as well as occasional on-site drug testing collections.

How did you initially get into the field of drug testing?
I had been researching a business to start for about five years. I had the capital but no opportunities met my requirements even though I was not tied to a specific industry. What appealed to me about Any Lab Test Now® was the focus on health care. The largest segment of the US population was getting older, and it was my theory that health care was soon to be a booming market. I had no idea at the time that drug testing was going to be such an integral part of my business. We currently market not only to employers for new hires and random drug testing, but also to individuals and parents. Some people want to get a test before the test.

Can a drug test detect the quantity of drugs in a person's system, or does it simply indicate whether drugs are present or not?
Although it is possible to detect the amount of drugs in the system, we have never had that request. Our drug tests give either a positive or negative result.

What is the most effective method of drug testing (i.e. urine, hair testing, etc.)?
It depends on the time frame of when the drug was taken. Urine is typically a more reliable test soon after consumption. It may take up to two weeks for drugs to show up in hair.

In regard to workplace drug testing, what types of businesses and companies typically require their employees to get drug tested?
Large businesses, non-profits and government agencies all do mandatory drug testing for most positions. Their new hire and random drug testing policies are pretty set in stone to legally protect themselves. Smaller companies drug test, but often only do so when the need arises.

What kind of training is necessary to analyze a drug test?
It depends on the drug test requested. For individuals or parents, no training is necessary. We send our drug tests to a DATIA-certified lab to be analyzed. This will ensure accuracy and give credibility if a legal matter arises.

How can a consumer determine whether or not a drug testing laboratory is credible? Are there any indicators or labels of certification that would help them in choosing a reliable company?
A credible drug testing lab is DATIA-certified. We encourage customers shopping around to make sure their drug testing company is using a DATIA certified lab.

What is the most significant piece of advice you can offer to consumers regarding drug tests?
The most significant piece of advice is that an individual who tests positive for an illegal substance is not a bad person. Good people make poor decisions, too.

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