Elizabeth Burchard, GED Test Expert

Elizabeth Burchard, President of Ace AcademicsElizabeth Burchard is the president of Ace Academics Inc. She is a former high school chemistry and middle school science teacher and has worked as a private tutor, helping students master math, science and French. Twenty years ago, she began to develop Exambusters Study Cards, cards that cover the basic building blocks a student would need before taking a standardized test. It began with flash cards on paper, and since, Exambusters has added a flash card product for the computer and now the iPhone. Elizabeth believes that a person can master difficult subjects if they patiently absorb one fact at a time.

Why is it important for someone to take the GED? Is it viewed the same as a high school diploma?
Having a high school diploma will often help you get a better job and is, of course, required before moving on to college-level courses. A recent study showed that while we have almost 10% unemployment in the US, there is only 5% unemployment among college grads. So get that GED and keep going!

How do you recommend someone prepare for the GED test? Books, workshops, private tutor, etc?
All of them. It depends on the person. I like a group setting because you interact with others and that helps to keep you focused. But you do need to review the basics of each course before taking practice tests.

What should test takers look for in study guides and tutors?
You have to feel comfortable with the person who is tutoring you. Study guides should go from basic to advanced so that you can find your personal level and move up from there.

How much time should someone put into studying for the GED?
More than they need. Be over-prepared. You don’t want to have to take it again!

How much emphasis is placed on GED scores? For example, if someone takes the GED and wants to apply to college, does their score make a difference? Can they take the test again if they are not happy with their scores?
Yes, they can take the test again. The value placed on the test score depends on the college. Colleges want students who are well-rounded. Speaking a second language or doing volunteer work are examples of things which look good on your resume in addition to test scores.

What is the biggest mistake students make before taking the GED?
Assuming they don’t need to review and not taking enough practice tests.

What advice do you have for students the night before and during the test?
Common sense. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and try to remain calm. Answer the questions methodically and don’t spend too much time on a question you don’t know how to answer. You can always come back to it.

What other advice do you have for GED test takers?
If you’ve left high school, don’t put off preparing for, and taking the exam. You’ll lose your momentum.

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