North Carolina Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide Guide

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant - Aide Practice Exam Is a License or Certification needed:  To get certified and work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in North Carolina, you need to complete a nursing assistant program and pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) exam.  You must also be listed on the North Carolina State Nurse Aide Registry.

Who Grants Certification: The North Carolina Board of Nursing grants certification to North Carolina nursing assistants and nurse aides.

The Qualifications to become Certified:

In order to receive a new nurse aide certification in the state of North Carolina, you must:
  • Successfully pass a background check and complete a 75 hour state-approved nurse aide program within the past two years and in just 3 attempts or less.
  • Be enrolled in an LPN or RN program and pass the Pearson Vue state test for Nurse Aides
How to Apply for Certification:

If you have never been a nurse aide before in North Carolina or any other state, in order to apply for your North Carolina nurse aide license, you will need to attend and successfully complete a training program. You can find a list of these programs here.

If you have been a nurse aide in another state and want to transfer your license to North Carolina, you need to know that there are rules about transferring a license or certification. North Carolina does not just accept your license from another state. You must either take one of the courses listed above, or if you believe that you are competent as a nurse aide in any state, you may take NC’s state test.

How to Apply to Take the Exam

You may use this form to apply to the NNAAP test. Mail this completed application, including:
  • Exam fee by money order, certified check or company voucher
  • A notarized copy of your NC Nurse Aide 1 Training Program completion certificate
  • A copy of your listing on the NC state nurse aide registry
To: NACES Plus Foundation, Inc., 7600 Burnet Road, Suite 440 Austin, Texas 78757-1292
The NNAAP exam can be taken in North Carolina at one of these locations.
Test Content

The NNAAP test has two parts, a Skills Evaluation and a Written (or oral) part.  Both parts must be passed to be listed on the North Carolina State Nurse Aide Registry. The written section is 70 questions in length, 60 are multiple choice and 10 are reading comprehension questions. Take two pencils with you. You will have two full hours to complete the exam. (The oral exam if given in place of the written exam is 160 questions in length.) The Skills Evaluation will be a 25 minute time period given to complete 5 randomly selected nurse aide skills. Content topics include:
  • Activities of Daily Living – Hygiene, Dressing and Grooming, Nutrition and Hydration, Elimination, Rest/Comfort/Sleep
  • Basic Nursing Skills - Infection Control, Safety/Emergency, Therapeutic/Technical Procedures, Data Collection and Reporting
  • Restorative Skills – Prevention, Self-care/Independence
  • Psychosocial Care Skills – Emotional and Mental Health Needs
  • Spiritual and Cultural Needs
  • Communication
  • Client Rights
  • Legal and Ethical Behavior
  • Member of the Health Care Team
See the Candidate Handbook for more details.

Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements:

In the state of North Carolina, you will automatically receive a postcard in the mail reminding you to renew your CNA license. A license lasts two years from the time you acquire it and expires on your birth month. If your birth month falls a month or so ahead of the two year mark, your license still expires on your birthday. For more information on renewal requirements, email:


NC Nurse Aide Registry (Nurse Aide 1) 
NC Department of Health & Human Services 
Division of Health Service Regulation
2709 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-2709 
Phone: 919-855-3969 
Fax: 919-733-9764


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National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Exam Content Outline Review

I. Physical Care Skills

A. Daily Living Activities:

  • Hygiene
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Elimination
  • Rest/Sleep/Comfort

B. Skills of Basic Nursing:

  • Infection Control
  • Safety/Emergency
  • Therapeutic/Technical Procedures
  • Data Collection and Reporting   

C. Restorative Skills:

  • Prevention
  • Self Care/Independence

II. Psychosocial Care Skills

A. Emotional and Mental Health Needs

B. Spiritual and Cultural Needs

III. Nurse Aide Roles

A. Communication

B. Client Rights

C. Legal and Ethical Behavior

D. Member of the Health Care Team