Massachusetts Massage Therapist License

To receive a massage license in Massachusetts, massage therapists are required to fulfill an education requirement. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Cape Cod or another city or county, the resources below will help you get started.

Need of a Massage License: A massage therapist needs a license to practice massage therapy in Massachusetts.

Who Grants a License: Licenses are granted by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy.

Qualifications to receive a Massage License: A candidate for licensure needs to complete a minimum of 650 hours from a properly licensed massage therapy program. There is no exam requirement to get licensed, unless one falls short of the 300-hour requirement for massage theory and technique. In this case, either the MBLEx or NCBTMB may be accepted.

For more information on qualifications, see Massachusetts Massage Therapist.

How to Apply for the License: Candidates must provide the Board the following: (1) completed application; (2) transcript of completed course of study in original seal envelope; and (3) two letters of reference. The documents should be sent to:

                    Board of Massage Therapy
                    1000 Washington Street
                    Suite 710: Individual Licensure
                    Boston, MA 02118-6100

                    Phone: (617) 727-1747

Fees: There are fees to apply to become a licensed massage therapist.

License Renewal: A massage therapist must renew their license every year.

Liability Insurance: A candidate must have professional liability insurance in place prior to receiving a license.

Applicable Regulations: Massage therapists in Massachusetts are regulated by the Massachusetts Code of Regulations 269 CMR 3.00 et seq.

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