Internet Speed Test

How fast is my internet connection? What is the speed of my web connection and how do I compare connection speeds? Am I connected to the internet?

Check out the speed tests in our top 3 speed test rankings to help you answer these questions.  There are many speed tests on the web but our research has found these to be the best.


Ranking the Top 3 Internet Speed Tests

Speed Test Name and Description Registration Time Price What Does it Test
Bandwidth Place Speed Test the most easy to use internet speed test. Instant, none required Free Upload and Download Speed
SpeakEasy Speed Test fast and easy to use but seems to be limited to just several large U.S. cities. Instant, none required Free Upload and Download Speed
Speed Test this test from looks to be accurate and advanced but watch out for intrusive advertisements. Instant, none required Free Upload and Download Speed. Ping Test.
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