Employment Tests

These SHL employment tests are useful to help your organization hire the right people the first time: 

.NET Framework 3.5 Test
.NET Framework Tests
3D Studio Max Test
Account Manager Test
Accounts Payable Tests
Accounts Receivable Test
Accounts Receivable/Billing Fundamentals Test
Active Server Pages Test
Admin 4.5 Proctored Test
Admin with Customer Service 4.5 Proctored Test
Administrative Assistant Tests
Administrative Professional Tests
Adobe Illustrator Tests
Adobe InDesign Tests
Adobe PageMaker Tests
Adobe Photoshop Tests
Apache Administration Tests
Assembly Language Test
Audio Transcription Test
AutoCAD Interactive Tests
Automatically-Scored Written Essay Test
Bank Call Center Representative -- Short Form Test
Bank Operations Supervisor -- Short Form Test
Bank Operations Supervisor Tests
Bash Shell Scripting Test
Basic Arithmetic Test
Basic Computer Literacy Test
BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1 Test
Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.) Test
Bookkeeping Tests
Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing Clerk Tests
Branch Manager Tests
Business Communication (Adaptive) Test
Business Communications Test
Business Communications Writing Sample Test
Business Concepts (U.S.) Test
Business Ethics Awareness (U.S.) Test
Business Letter Edit and Compose Tests
Business Math Test
Business Process Reengineering Test
Business Vocabulary Test
Business Writing Test
C Tests
C# 2.0 Test
Call Center General Terms Test
Call Center Place Names Test
Call Center Representative Tests
Call Center Simulation Tests
Call Center Tests
Call Center With Sales Tests
Cashier Test
Cashier Tests
Cellular Technology Test
Change Management (U.S.) Test
Chart Note Transcription Test
Check Point FireWall-1 Administration Tests
Cisco Network Design Test
Cisco Router Fundamentals Test
Citrix Administration Test
Classifying and Coding Test
Clerical Tests
Clerical with Customer Service Tests
Client/Server Concepts Test
Cognitive Ability -- Proctored Test
Cognitive Index Test
Cognos Development Test
ColdFusion Tests
Collections Scenario Test
Collections Tests
COM/DCOM (Visual Basic) Test
Computer Electronics Test
Computer Forensics Test
Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS) Tests
Computer Fundamentals (Windows) Adaptive Test
Computer Literacy (Windows XP) Test
Computer Technical Support Test
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Test
Contact Center - Agent Tests
Contact Center -- Business Retention Agent Tests
Contact Center -- Collections Agent Tests
Contact Center -- eChat Support Agent Tests
Contact Center -- Manager Tests
Contact Center -- Sales Agent Tests
Contact Center -- Service and Sales Agent Tests
Contact Center -- Team Lead/Coach Tests
Contact Center -- Technical Support Agent Tests
Contact Center Agent (Advanced) Tests
Contact Center Agent (At Home) Tests
Contact Center Retention Predictor Test
Contact Center Scenario Test
Contact Center Tests
Contact Center Virtual Scenario Test
CORBA 2.3 C++ Test
CorelDRAW 9.0 Test
Count and Stack Test
Craft Personality Questionnaire
CRM Navigation Test
Crystal Reports 9 Test
CSS2 Test
Customer Care Simulation Test
Customer Service Tests
Customer Service with Sales Tests
Data Entry Alphanumeric Tests
Data Entry Numeric Tests
Data Entry Ten Key Tests
Data Modelling Concepts Test
Data Warehousing Concepts Test
DB2 Administration Test
Delphi 6.0 Test
Director Tests
Director/Senior Manager Tests
Disaster Recovery and Planning Test
District/Regional Manager Tests
Diversity Awareness (U.S.) Test
Dreamweaver Test
Dynamic HTML Test
E-Commerce Concepts Test
Editing and Proofing (Chicago Style) Test
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Test
Embedded Systems Concepts Test
English Language Comprehension Test
English Listening Comprehension (U.S.) Test
English Vocabulary Test
ERP Concepts (U.S.) Test
Executive Tests
Executive/Officer Tests
Fiber Optics Test
Filing - Names Test
Filing - Numbers Test
Financial Accounting (U.S.) Test
Financial Analysis (U.S.) Test
Financial Management (U.S.) Test
Financial Professional Tests
Firewall Administration Concepts Test
Fireworks MX 2004 Test
First Aid Core Knowledge Test
Flash MX Test
Following Instructions Test
Forklift Operator Test
Front Line Manager Tests
General Accounting Test
General Clerical Grammar Test
General Clerical Spelling Test
General Entry Level Tests
General Skills Tests
Global Cognitive Index: Deductive Reasoning Test
Global Cognitive Index: Graduate (UK) Test
Global Cognitive Index: Quantitative Ability Test
Global Personality Inventory Test
Handling Money Test
Healthcare Billing and Coding Test
Healthcare Call Center Tests
Healthcare Spelling Tests
Healthcare Terminology Test
HIPAA (Privacy) Test
HIPAA (Security) Test
HTML 4.0 Test
Human Resource Concepts Test
ICD-9 and CPT Coding (Hospital) Test
IMS 6.0 Test
Informatica PowerMart/PowerCenter 6.2.1 Test
Information Security Awareness Test
Information Technology Terminology Test
Intermediate Sales Tests
Internet Research Techniques and Resources (U.S.) Test
Internet Security Test
Internet Technology Fundamentals Test
Internet Technology Security Fundamentals Test
Interpersonal Communications Test
Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.) Test
IP Routing & Switching Test
IT Professional/Individual Contributor Tests
ITIL Concepts Test
J.D. Edwards OneWorld Report Design ERW Test
Java 2 -- GUI Test
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and J2EE 1.4 Tests
Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) Test
Java 2.0 -- Non GUI Test
Java 2.0 Tests
Java 5 Tests
Java 6 Test
Java EJB Tests
Java Server Pages Tests
Java XML Technologies Test
JavaScript Tests
JCL Test
LAN/WAN Communication Test
Law Knowledge Test
Leadership Inventory Plus - Proctored Test
Learning Ability Test - Proctored
Legal Audio Transcription Test
Legal Research Test
Legal Spelling Test
Legal Terminology Test
Legal Typing Test
Legal Vocabulary Test
Linux Programming Tests
Listening Skills Test
Litigation Test
LoadRunner 7.x Test
Lotus Notes 1-2-2 97 Tests
Lotus Tests
Macromedia Director 8 Test
Manager Tests
Marketing Tests
Matching Test
Math -- Intermediate Skills Test
Math Fundamentals (Metric and Imperial) Tests
Math Problem Solving Test
Math Skills Tests
Mechanical Operator Tests
Medical Report Transcription Test
Medical Tests
Microsoft Access (Adaptive) Tests
Microsoft Excel (Adaptive) Tests
Microsoft Excel 2007 (Adaptive) Test
Microsoft Exchange Server Administration Tests
Microsoft Front Page 2000 Test
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Tests
Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0 Administration Test
Microsoft ISA Server 2000 Administration Test
Microsoft Office 2003 Fundamentals (Adaptive) Test
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Fundamentals Test
Microsoft PowerPoint (Adaptive) Tests
Microsoft Project 2002 Test
Microsoft Publisher 2000 Test
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Test
Microsoft SQL Server Administration Tests
Microsoft SQL Server Programming Tests
Microsoft Windows Active Directory Tests
Microsoft Windows Desktop Administration Tests
Microsoft Windows Server Administration Tests
Microsoft Windows Tests
Microsoft Word Adaptive Tests
MIG Welding Test
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) Test
MySQL 3.23 Administration Test
Natural Test
Network Authentication Test
Network Monitoring Test
Network Security Test
Network Technical Support Test
Networking Concepts Test
Novell NetWare 5.0 Administration Test
Nursing Assistant Tests
Office Management (U.S.) Test
Office Procedures (U.S.) Test
OO Tests
Oracle Administration Tests
Oracle Financials Rel 11 Test
Oracle Forms 6.0 Test
OS/400 Test
Paragon Test
Paraprofessional Test
Payroll Fundamentals (U.S.) Test
PeopleTools 8.4 Test
Perl Tests
Personal Banker -- Loan Officer Tests
Personal Banker Tests
Personal Care Aide Tests
Pharmaceutical Terminology (U.S.) Test
Phone Banker Tests
PHP Tests
PowerBuilder Tests
Presentation Skills Test
Production Problem Solving Test
Professional/Individual Contributor Tests
Programmer and Analyst Aptitude Test
Programming Concepts Test
Project Management Tests
Project Manager Tests
Proof Operator -- Processing Specialist Tests
Proofreading Test
Protective Services Test
Python 2.4 Test
Quark Xpress 4 Test
RDBMS Concepts Test
Reading Comprehension Test
Reading Comprehension Tests
Retail Sales and Service Simulation Test
Retail Sales and Service Test
Reviewing Forms Test
Rough Carpentry Test
Ruler Measurement Test
Sales Manager Tests
SAS Tests
SEI Capability Maturity Model Implementation Test
Semi-Skilled Tests
Senior Sales Tests
Server Administration Test
Sexual Harassment Awareness (U.S.) Test
Shop Math -- Fractions and Decimals Test
Shorthand Test
Siebel 2000 Administration Test
Software Business Analysis Test
Software Configuration Management Test
Software Quality Assurance Test
Software Testing Test
Spelling (U.S.) Test
SQL (ANSI) Tests
Storage Area Networks (SAN) Concepts Test
Struts 1.2x Test
Supervisor Tests
Sybase 12.5 Administration Test
Systems Analysis Test
TCP/IP Administration Test
Technical Help Desk Tests
Technical Writing Test
Teller Tests
Teller with Sales Tests
Time Management (U.S.) Test
Training Tests
Typing Tests
Unified Modeling Language (UML) Test
UNIX Administration (Solaris) Tests
UNIX Administration Tests
UNIX Programming (General) Test
VBScript 5.5 Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) Test
Visual Basic 6.0 Tests
Visual Basic.NET Tests
Visual Comparison Test
Visual FoxPro 6.0 Test
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Test
WAN Technologies Test
Web Design Concepts Test
Web Design for Accessibility Test
Web Development Concepts Test
Web Server Administration Test
Web Services Application Engineering Test
Windows Application Program Interface Test
WinRunner 6.0 Test
Wireless Network Technology Test
Word Perfect Tests
Word Processing Fundamentals Test
Workplace Fundamentals Test
Written English (UK) Test
Written English Test
Written Spanish Test
XHTML 1.1 Test
XML Tests
XSL Test


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