Arkansas Tests

Welcome to the Arkansas tests page, with resources on tests and testing services in Arkansas in such areas as academic tests, professional licensing exams and driver's tests.

Academic Tests

Augmented Benchmark Examinations - Arkansas students must take the Augmented Benchmark Examinations in grades 3-8. Students are tested in language arts and mathematics each year. In addition, students are also tested in science in fifth and seventh grade. All questions are multiple choice.

Arkansas High School Testing - High school students must take end-of-course exams in Algebra I, Geometry and Biology. They must also take a Literacy Examination in eleventh grade. The test results are used to determine student progress and to rank schools and teachers based on outcome. Most questions are multiple choice.

Professional Tests

Arkansas Nursing Assistant and Nurse Aide Guide - Find information on the qualifications to work as a nursing assistant or nurse aide in Arkansas.

Arkansas Medical Assistant Certification Exam - Find information on how to become certified or registered as a medical assistant in Arkansas.

Arkansas Professional Counselor Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a licensed professional counselor in Arkansas, with NCE exam details.

Arkansas Nurse Licensing Exam - Find information on the qualifications to become a registered nurse in Alabama.

Arkansas Real Estate Agent Licensing - Find information on the requirements to become a licensed real estate agent in Arkansas.

Arkansas Life and Health Insurance Agent Licensing Exam - Find information on how to become a licensed life and health insurance sales agent in Arkansas.

Arkansas Plumbing Exams and Licensure - Find information on testing and licensing requirements to become a plumber in Arkansas.

Arkansas Real Estate Appraisers Tests and Licensing - Real estate appraisers must pass an exam administered by the Real Estate Appraisers Board after they complete their educational requirements. The cost of the test is $100. All exams are given in Little Rock. Applicants must also complete any work experience requirements before they can take the exam.

Arkansas Barber Tests and Licensing - Arkansas requires barbers to pass a written exam, an oral exam and a practical before they can be licensed. The written and oral exam includes questions on laws and regulations in addition to theoretical concepts. The practical tests an applicant's skills. Applicants must register for the tests 10 days in advance.

Arkansas Cosmetologists Tests and Licensure - Cosmetologists must pass a written and a practical exam. The written exam contains a theoretical section and a section on state laws. It is a computer-based test and takes two and a half hours. Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency at various tasks during the practical.

Arkansas Forester Exams and Licensing - Foresters must pass an exam administered by the Board of Registration for Foresters. The test is given in May and December of each year. The cost of the test is $30. Candidates must apply well in advance. The exam covers ethics, forest protection, dendrology, ecology, mapping, silviculture, soil and more.

Arkansas Real Estate Agents Tests and Licensing - Real estate agents must pass the state licensing exam. The computer-based test is administered by a third party at several locations around the state. There are 80 questions on the general section of the test and 30 questions on the state law section. All questions are multiple choice. The fee is $50.

Arkansas Sanitarians Exams and Licensing - Sanitarians must pass a proficiency examination to be registered in Arkansas. All applicants must meet the board's educational requirements before sitting for the exam. The test has 100 questions that cover eight different aspects of environmental health, including food, swimming pools, vector control and soils.

Arkansas Land Surveyors Tests and Licensing - Land surveyors must pass a state exam in addition to the national test. The exam is held in April and October of each year. The deadline to register for each test is January 1 and July 1, respectively. The two hour test is open book, but applicants must bring their own reference materials.

Driver's Tests

Arkansas Driving Tests - New drivers must pass a vision screening, a written test and a road test to obtain a license. Underage drivers must also pass through the Arkansas graduated license program and can not obtain a full license until they are 18. New residents with an out-of-state license are exempt from testing.

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